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Industry news

What should be paid attention to when connecting SFP+ optical modules to switches.

Time:2022-02-12 Views:73
1.Pay attention to whether the wavelength and transmission distance of the optical modules used by the switches at both ends are the same, 
and whether the single-fiber dual-fiber, single-mode multi-mode problems,If the two ends are not equal, the corresponding converter should be used.
2.When using the optical module, try to avoid static electricity and bumps.
If there is a bump, it is not recommended to continue to use the optical module.
3.Pay attention to the front and back of the optical module inserted,
Tabs and labels should be facing up.
4.When inserting the optical module into the switch, push it as hard as possible to the bottom,
Generally, there will be a slight vibration. After inserting, 
you can gently pull out the optical module to check whether it is installed in place.
5.When disassembling the optical module, first pull the wristband to a 90° position with the optical port,
 and then pull out the optical module.