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Industry news

What is the production process of optical modules?

Time:2022-02-21 Views:92
An optical module is an interface device that converts electrical signals into optical signals and optical signals into electrical signals, and is an important device in optical fiber communication systems.It is more and more widely used in the optical communication industry. With the continuous development of communication technology, the quality requirements of optical modules are also higher. So how is a good optical module produced?
1. Mechanical shearing feet: Machine shearing feet can ensure the consistency of the length of the shearing pins. Avoid poor contact with solder due to short clippings.
2. Automatic welding: Welding with superb skills to ensure product quality, so as to meet the requirements of fullness, no tin tip, no virtual solder leakage, and no continuous tin.
3. Assembly: You need to wear an electrostatic wristband and do a tensile test.
4. Automated testing: Improve product consistency.
5. End face cleaning: As long as there is a dust, it can affect the transmission performance of the optical module, so it is very important to clean it in place.
6. Aging test: For the stability of the product, the high and low temperature aging test is carried out, and the products of Yitian will be tested before shipment.
7. Time fiber test: After aging, the time fiber test is required to test the transmitted optical power and receiving sensitivity of the product.
8. Quality inspection: Quality inspection is very important, we will check every procedure carefully.
9. Switch verification: Insert the module into the switch to check whether it works normally and check the BPROM information. Yitianguang modules are compatible with various types of switches, such as: CISOO, HUAWEI, H3C, etc.
10. Code writing: How to ensure the normal use of various optical module brands on the switch? Engineers will match according to customer needs.
11.Labeling: Make labels according to the needs of different brands of customers to show the style of different brands of customers.
12. Final product test: In order to ensure that there are no loopholes in all aspects of the optical module due to negligence, we will conduct a final product test to check all products again.
13. Lock: Do not disassemble the product after the lock is installed to ensure the stability of the optical module and will not be easily disassembled.
14. Cleaning: Clean the dust on the surface to keep the optical module clean and tidy.
15. Packaging: The packaging is divided into individual packs and ten packs. It can be simple/fast and easy to sort; choose the packaging paper material with anti-static function, green environmental protection and imported.
After the packaging is completed, the production process of the optical module is over.