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What is 200G QSFP56 optical module

Time:2022-02-17 Views:88
200G QSFP56 optical module and 200G QSFP-DD optical module are two mainstream solutions for 200G optical interconnection.
QSFP56 uses mainstream digital signal processors (DSPs) to help cloud data centers meet tough challenges,More Efficient Optical Interconnection at Scalable Scale and Low Cost.
Let‘s first take a look at the shape design of the QSFP package,QSFP stands for Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable,Refers to the four-channel small form-factor hot-pluggable SFP interface,It was originally designed to replace single-channel SFP optical modules with high-density optical modules.Compared with SFP optical modules,QSFP optical modules have higher bandwidth.
The 40G QSFP+ optical modules and 100G QSFP28 optical modules developed on the basis of the QSFP package have been gradually applied in the deployment of high-density data center networks.As data center traffic continues to grow,Its requirements for bandwidth are also getting higher and higher,QSFP package types have followed with more form factors,For example 200G QSFP56 and 400G QSFP56-DD.
200G QSFP56 optical module is an upgraded version of 40G QSFP+ and 100G QSFP28 optical module,It is an optical module specially designed for 200G Ethernet interconnection.QSFP56 means that it can transmit 4x 50Gb/s to 56Gb/s transmission rate in a QSFP package size,QSFP56 optical module is also called 200G QSFP optical module.According to different transmission distances,200G QSFP56 optical modules are further divided into QSFP56 CR, SR, DR, FR, LR types.Transmission over different distances can be achieved on single-mode and multi-mode fibers.Besides,Insert the QSFP56 DAC/AOC high-speed cable into the corresponding port,
In general,Insert the two 200G QSFP56 optical modules into the corresponding switch ports respectively,Then use a single-mode or multi-mode fiber to connect,200G transmission rate can be achieved.200G transmission can also be achieved.
If you want to achieve 2x100G or 4x50G transmission, you can use 200G QSFP56 to 2x100G QSFP28 breakout cables and 200G QSFP56 to 4x50G SFP56 breakout cables.