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Industry news

10G DWDM Tunable SFP+ 80KM Modules

Time:2018-03-02 Views:480

Sky Optics 10 Gbps Tunable DWDM 80km DOM transceivers support highly reliable operations in enterprise networks. They have undergone rigorous qualification and certification testing to provide an end-to-end solution that is easier to maintain—helping to improve the availability of data center networks supporting mission-critical applications.

The 50GHz Full C-band Tunable SFP+ transceivers are designed for use in 10Gb/s to 11.1Gb/s 50GHz DWDM links up to 80km of G.652 fiber. The SFP+ module supports 10GBASE-ZR and –ZW applications along with SONET OC-192 LR-2 and SDH STM-64 ITU-T G.959.1 P1L1-2D2 applications for Ethernet Switches, IP Routers or SONET/SDH optical interfaces. Digital Optical Monitoring interfaces are provided via the SFP+ standards compliant I 2 C interface.

Key features of the Sky Optics tunable SFP+ modules

l 1550 nm ITU-T C-band 50 GHz spacing Tunable DWDM SFP+ Transceiver

l Data rate 9.95- 11.3 Gbit/s

l Supports 80 km link distances

l Negative chirp transmitter with ILMZ (Integrated Laser Mach Zehnder) TOSA

l APD receiver

l Low power consumption: <1.5 W at 70degC

l Positive power supply lines: 3.3 V

l Operating case temperature range: 0 to 70℃

l Compact size (56.5mm L x 13.9mm W x 11.85mm H)

l RoHS 6 compliant


l Full C-band Tunable 10GBASE-ZR 10GEthernet

l 8GB/10GB Fibre Channel

l SONET OC-192 LR-2

l SDH STM-64 ITU-T G.959.1 P1L1-2D2

l Access DWDM Ethernet Switch or IP Router Interconnect


l SFF-8431 Compliant - Enhanced 8.5 and 10 Gigabit Small Form Factor Pluggable Module (SFP+)

l SFF-8432 Compliant - Improved Pluggable Form factor

l SFF-8690 Compliant - Tunable SFP+ Memory Map for ITU Frequencies

l SFF-8472 Compliant - Diagnostic Monitoring Interface for Optical Xcvrs

l INF-8074i Compliant - SFP (Small Form Factor) Transceiver

l IEEE802.3ae CL 52 Compliant - IEEE 802.3 Standard (10Gigabit Ethernet Clause)

l Compliant with MIL-STD-883, Method 3015.4

l Compliant to IEC61000-4-2:Edition1 (Air Discharge)

Now, DWDM tunable SFP+ modules are important building blocks for next generation network equipment which can reduce the size and power consumption for 10G connections while supporting the network operators’ rapidly increasing bandwidth capacity needs driven by data-intense applications. At Sky Optics, we offer our customers high-quality DWDM tunable SFP+ transceivers with a lifetime warranty. For pricing, possibilities, test reports and more information about the tunable modules, please visit our website, or contact us at [email protected].