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800G OSFP Active Copper Cable


800G OSFP to 2x400G QSFP112 Active Copper Cable

SOQ-2X400G-ACCxxM active copper cable assembly feature sixteen differential copper pairs, providing eight data transmission channels at speeds up to 100Gbps(PAM4) per channel, and meets 800G Ethernet and InfiniBand Next Data Rate(NDR) requirements. Available in 26AWG and 30AWG wire gauges, this 800G copper cable assembly features low insertion loss and low crosstalk.
SOQ-2X400G-ACCxxM active copper cable uses PAM4 signals for transmission, which doubles the rate. However, there are more stringent requirements for cable insertion loss. 
  • l   Compatible with IEEE 802.3ck

    l   Supports aggregate data rates of 800Gbps(PAM4)

    l   Optimized construction to minimize insertion loss and crosstalk

    l   Pull-to-release slide latch design

    l   Straight and break out assembly configurations available

    l   Customized cable braid termination limits EMI radiation   

    l   Customizable EEPROM mapping for cable signature

    l   26AWG and 30AWG cable

    l   Low power Consumes 0.15W per active channel , the total power of the cable is 2.5W

    l   EQ programmable

    l   3.3V Power supply

    l   Temperature Range: 0~ 70 °C 

  • Number of Lanes

    Tx8 & Rx8(OSFP) 
    Tx4 & Rx4(QSFP112)

    Channel Data Rate

    106. 25Gbps

    Operating Temperature

    0 to + 70°C

    Storage Temperature

    -40 to + 85°C

    Supply Voltage

    3.3 V nominal

    Electrical Interface

    60pins edge connector(OSFP)

    38pins edge connector(QSFP112)

    Management Interface

    Serial, I2C

    Cable Length

    Up to 5m

    • l   Switches, servers and routers

      l   Data Center networks

      l   Storage area networks

      l   High performance computing

      l   Telecommunication and wireless infrastructure

      l   Medical diagnostics and networking

      l   Test and measurement equipment

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